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                  Lisa Mannetti's  debut novel, The Gentling Box, garnered a Bram Stoker Award.  Her latest books include Deathwatch, a collection of two thematically linked novellas, including the Bram-Stoker nominated "Dissolution," and The New Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.  She has authored a macabre gag book, 51 Fiendish Ways to Leave your Lover, as well as non-fiction books, and numerous articles and short stories in newspapers, magazines, and anthologies.  Recent and upcoming works (2010) include “Resurgam” in Dead Set: A Zombie Anthology; “Condemned” in Legends of theMountain State 4; the Bram Stoker nominated tale “1926: A Fall River Halloween,” in Shroud Magazine; (2011) “Spy Glass Hill,” in Fear of the Dark Anthology  and "Paraphilia" in Zippered Flesh. Her story, “Everybody Wins,” was made into a short film by director Paul Leyden starring Malin Ackerman and released under the title Bye-Bye Sally.

                 Lisa is a member of the HWA and the Author's Guild.

        After her mother passed away, Lisa moved to the spooky old house she grew up in. Her mother hangs around on a daily basis, providing a kind of benign haunting.

        Anne’s spirit freaks out the twin cats, Harry and Theo Houdini, but Lisa considers her mother’s presence not only inspirational,  but extremely helpful-- especially when Lisa can’t find her glasses, her car keys or the checkbook, and Mom transports whatever the hell Lisa was looking for onto nearby counter-tops or inside Lisa’s purse.








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